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Motorhome Share - website development in Bristol

Basic Set Up

Our entry level package includes everything you need to start developing your online presence.
  • Domain purchase
  • Email configuration for windows/mac
  • Mobile compatible site
  • SSL Certificate installed to secure site and data
  • 6 page wordpress website including:
    • Home
    • About
    • Contact
    • Blog
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms & Conditions
  • All your company information on site in brand colours
  • Google search console/g suite set up (optional)
  • Dashlane password package
The Motorhome Holiday Company website development in Bristol

Design Package

Unique website design and creation formed with you from concept meetings. Show off all your content and information in one functional, great looking site.

This option includes all the perks from the Basic Set Up package.
Once this stage is complete, we will work closely to create the unique concept and design of your website based on your brand identity and goals.

  • Completed Basic Set Up package
  • 1:1 concept meetings throughout
  • Unique, finished website featuring your content and showcasing your brand
Miles Valeting Services - website design in Bristol

Brand Development

Create your brand identity from start to finish with this complete package. Including content creation, brand ethos and social media accounts.

Including all the aspects from both the Basic Set Up and Design packages, this package is aimed at businesses or individuals who are just starting out their new venture.
Through working closely with you, we can bring the brand to life in an exciting and beautiful way. Giving you everything you need to showcase your skills and make your workload simpler.

  • Completed Basic Set Up and Design package
  • Brand identity creation through colour, fonts, themes
  • G Suite set up (for businesses with multiple people)
  • Content creation, including copywriting, photos and videos
  • Social media set up with marketing concepts
  • Working close with you to bring your ideas to life


Want to manage your own online accounts? Get 1:1 tutorials to learn everything you need to know to be in full control of your website, content and brand identity. Add as part of your website package or purchase separately
These will cover:

  • Website management
  • Email configuration
  • TSO host cloud hosting
  • Creating content
  • SEO tips and tools
  • Wordpress and plugins back ups and updates
  • Posting blogs
  • Social media platforms and how to use them for marketing
  • How to start a marketing plan