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Live Events Photography Bristol - book launch - Penned in the margins - The Perseverance
Affordable Corporate Photography - Bristol photographer
Wedding photographer Bristol - Family Photographer - Affordable wedding photography Bristol London


Corporate Headshot Photographer Bristol
We have worked closely with Medusa Studio over the last year to help us raise our game online. Their photographic talent is obvious, as you can see form the beautiful images created for our products. What has also been a great pleasure is both the technical ability and positive approach to getting the job done. Medusa Studio have successfully tailored our web content to be totally congruent with our brand identity and values whilst also creating a fresh look and feel to our website. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Matt Sims, The Motorhome Holiday Company
Event Photographer Bristol - Creative Event Photographer London
Medusa Studio have been our go-to photographers for the last twelve months. They are creative, skillful and consummate professionals. All photographs of our events and projects have been of the highest quality and I would recommend them without reservation.
Tom Chivers, Penned in the Margins
Spoken Word - Open Mic - Performance Photographer Bristol
Yanaëlle Thiran, Dancer
Poetry Photographer Bristol and London
Maddie is a photographer with real gifts, and a work ethic to match her talent. Her work documenting over a dozen live literature events I've curated in the last few years have shown her to be remarkably attentive to detail and able to produce beautiful works under pressure. She is as hard working and enthusiastic an artist as anyone is likely to meet to boot.
S.J Fowler, Poet & Lecturer
Wedding Photographer - Family Photographer Bristol
Elle Juliette, Writer & Bride
Affordable corporate brand photography Bristol
George Miles, Miles Valeting Services
Spoken Word - Open Mic - Performance Photographer Bristol
Medusa Studio regularly photograph the performance events that I run. Their photography really captures the electricity and vibrancy of the performers, making for great images to promote the night. On top of this is their reliability, professionalism and talent!
Lizzie Merrill, Performer & Founder of You're Hysterical